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4 Things That Can Affect Your Carpet

When you think of bad odors, you may not think of your home’s carpet. But stains, dirt, debris, and dander can cause bad smells when you least expect them.

To help you keep stinky smells away from your home’s carpet when the temperature’s hot, here are four common things that could be making your flooring smell a-foul.


It’s been too long since your last professional cleaning

It’s typically recommended to have your carpet professionally cleaned and steamed between once to twice a year. If it’s been too long since your last professional cleaning, your carpet may begin to smell due to months of dirt and allergen build-up. If it’s been over a year, consider calling up your local carpet odor treatment services.


Stains have built up in the carpet’s fibers

You might not think that your carpet would smell after cleaning up a stain. But over time, when your carpet has enough of them, each of those subtle smells can accumulate into one big funky smell. For instance, if you have a new puppy and they’ve been having accidents around your carpet, that smell can linger if each spot isn’t thoroughly cleaned. Professional carpet odor treatments can help to bring your carpet back from those stinky stains.


Your home’s humidity levels

During the summer months, humidity can build up in your home. Unfortunately, that humidity can cause issues for your flooring whether you have hardwoods or carpeting. Mold and mildew buildup can cause more issues than smells, but the odor problem isn’t great. Mold treatment followed by professional carpet odor treatment can get your flooring back to smelling brand new.


Your home’s humidity levels

 If you or someone in your home smokes, cigarette smoke odors can collect in your home’s carpeting. You might not be able to tell if the smoke is there, but visitors who stop over will definitely be able to notice the smoke smell. Carpet cleaners can help to remove the smell, but you might need a new carpet installed if the smoking in your home is excessive.

Looking For Professional Carpet Odor Treatment?

Dirt, allergens, stains, and odors can build up in your carpet over time, which is why it’s so important to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.

If you’re looking for a professional carpet odor treatment and upholstery cleaning, Williams Carpet Car is the carpet cleaning service for you. To learn more about our professional carpet cleaning services, contact Williams Carpet Care today.