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Carpet Repairs

We know that life gets messy sometimes. Whether your pet has chewed a corner of your carpet or you have a stubborn stain that won’t go away, replacing your whole carpet can be costly and a big bother. But don’t worry, Williams Carpet Care has the perfect solution for you. We’re experts at fixing carpets!

Fixing a carpet isn’t easy, especially when you want it to look just like new. We cut out the damaged part and replace it with a piece that looks just like the rest of your carpet. Finding the perfect match can be hard because carpets come in all kinds of colors, thicknesses, and textures. So, what we often do is use a piece of carpet from a hidden spot in your house, like the back of a closet. This way, the new piece fits in seamlessly. Sometimes, we also need to stretch the carpet a bit to make sure the new piece fits just right.

Our skilled and certified team is the best at what they do. If you live in Fayetteville, NC, and you need your carpet fixed, Williams Carpet Care is the name you can trust. We’ll make sure your carpet looks as good as new.