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Pet Odors & Stains

Pets are a wonderful part of our families, and at Williams Carpet Care, we care about our four-legged friends too. But pets can sometimes make messes that are hard to clean. Whether you have a puppy that’s still learning or an older pet, keeping your home and carpets clean can be tough. That’s why we have a special Pet Treatment package just for pet owners who want to get rid of bad smells and stains.

Regular store-bought cleaners often can’t get rid of pet smells and stains because they only clean the top of the carpet. We use a special cleaner made from enzymes that can really get into the stain. After we steam clean your carpet, our expert cleaners spray this special enzyme cleaner on any pet stains. The enzymes work with the water from the steam cleaning to break down stains and smells. This is a natural way to clean, and it can take up to 24 hours to work fully.

Sometimes, if a pet stain is really old or strong, it might not come out completely because urine can be very acidic. In that case, we might need to do more to clean it. If you want to make sure your home stays clean and fresh, call Williams Carpet Care to set up a cleaning before those tough stains become permanent!