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Carpet Cleaning and Pets: How To Care For Your Floors

You have pets, and you also have carpeted floors. You know that cleaning your carpets is key to keeping your floors looking nice, but you also wonder just how often you should have this service done and why.

The industry standard is this: have your carpets cleaned once a year to remove all the stains, allergy-causing pollen and dust, dirt, hair, and smells that gather up in your floors over time. When you have pets, you’ll want to have this service done more frequently. Your carpet cleaning specialist will let you know the best way to care for your floors with cleaning services, so you can always have floors you feel good about.

Steam Clean When You Get A New Pet

Have you recently gotten a new cat or dog, or some other kind of indoor animal? If so, you need to get your carpets cleaned. Odor treatment can also be done if you have had issues with your pets urinating and defecating indoors. You not only help remove the stains that are in the carpet and keep your pets from marking randomly in the home, you also help to keep your carpeting free of stains and bacteria that are commonly caused from the damage left behind from pets.

Clean During Allergy Season

When you have pets, allergens can be even more prevalent in the home. You can become exposed to dander, hair, pollen, and other allergens that are brought into the house by pets in general, which can make your allergies worse. If you have allergies in general, then the allergy season is a great time to have your carpets treated. Carpet cleaning services usually include a deep clean so carpets are deeply penetrated to make your carpets even more lustrous than ever.

You want to have your carpets treated during the onset of allergy season, and again as allergy season continues. It’s wise to wipe off your pets’ feet when they come indoors and also wipe off your own shoes or remove your shoes when you come inside to get the most out of your cleaning efforts.

When treating your carpets, don’t forget about treating your upholstery as well. If your pets hang out on your couches or chairs at all, then you want to consider upholstery cleaning to make your home even cleaner and free of dander and odors. Your carpet cleaning specialist will give you tips for how often you should have your carpets treated so you can always have fresh and clean floors for everyday living and entertaining company.