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Funny Odor In The House? It May Be Your Carpet!

If your house is clean and you still have a funny odor coming from somewhere, it may be your carpet! Carpets tend to hang on to the smell long after the mess is cleaned up. Carpet odor can come from several different sources.

Experts recommend that carpets are professionally steam cleaned once a year to every two years. Professional carpet cleaning can get rid of the smell and help your carpet to look and feel clean.

When odor gets deep down into your carpet no matter what you do the problem will return. Air freshener, carpet fresheners, and other treatments will only cover the smell for a little while. The smell will be back as soon as the dose of perfumed product wears away.

What Is That Smell?

If things are smelling a little funky indoors, it may time to get the professional carpet cleaning services Fayetteville NC depends on. Carpet odor treatment Fayetteville NC trusts will get the smell out for good.

There are several reasons that your carpet is sending out a foul odor:

The number one reason carpets build up an unwanted odor is pet accidents. If you did not catch the accident before it got into the padding, your carpet will release an unwanted odor. Professional cleaning with an odor treatment will get rid of that smell for good!

Dust And Dirt Build Up

Your vacuum can only get so much dust and dirt out of your carpet. A stale foul smell can be from dust and other debris that has built up over time that regular vacuuming simply cannot address. Professional carpet cleaning services Fayetteville NC residents trust for results will take care of the problem.

Life Happens

In homes with young children, spills are normal and they are not always forthright about it. Spills that are not cleaned up right away get into the padding and make a great place for bacteria to breed. The stench can be incredible and hard to get rid of without the right treatment.

You Best Bet

Luckily you do not have to live with the smell. You can call the experts that specialize in expert carpet cleaning and odor removal. Your entire house will smell fresh and clean!